hold your course and your aim

AU Shadow. Independent RP.

He wears a cloak to hide his red markings. Has the tendency to be moody and withdrawn. He carries a pistol with him at all times. His balancing rings on his ankles are absent.

If you have questions about the universe, I suggest going to the gallery link above for some answers.


“You’re going to die of blood loss…”

"If there was a way to stop the reaction, I would."

You are just very attractive…









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In the back of the military headquarters, Shadow stole away to his room, his hand clutching his head. No, no, no not again, not—

(destroy everyone kill kill pain blood)

—not this, please…

He slammed the door roughly and made sure it was locked, jerking the handle violently with out the intent to. “Nghh…ghhh…damn it,” he growled. The black hedgehog ripped his cloak off, nearly choking himself in the process, but he couldn’t address—

(choke just wrap your hands around her little neck she’ll scream and scream and)

—his own physical sensations compared to the roaring in his head. He collapsed on the ground, throwing his head in his arms. His entire body was tense, as if an electric current were running through it. He gripped at his quills, his hands familiar to where the red markings began, and he grasped at them furiously.

(everyone deserves to be punished Sonic that annoying wretch wouldn’t you like to see him bleed what about that brat Silver just running in is footsteps tear him up too make them suffer suffer suffer)

"No…" he groaned. "No, no, I won’t…"

(oh but what about Blaze Blaze Bla)

"No, damn it, not her!!" he shouted suddenly. I can’t hurt her I can’t I won’t I—

(not hurt just her there her touch her

Her body, her slender body. How she would feel under my hands, under my mouth. I want to kiss her, I want to touch her fully, feel her against me. Absorb the curve of her body, her hips, her breasts, her lips. I want to feel her warmth, I want her, I want her.

Shadow slowly opened his eyes, realizing his hands were shaking, fidgeting. He leaned forward and let out a heavy, shuddering sigh. These are my thoughts, my own, and I can feel it. I need her, need her. I want to hear the sound of her breath when I kiss her. I want to feel how her waist dips into the small of her back, the gentle indents at the small of it, where her hips flare out. I want to feel her shudder under me when I touch her neck, kiss her body, feel her, want her. Blaze…Blaze…Blaze…I need you…

His hand reached over his shoulder to the top of his back, grazing back over his neck and to his collarbone. There was pressure, but he was trembling. “Blaze…” he muttered, his voice cracking near the end. “Oh God, Blaze…”

Her calm voice, her steady nature, her soft body, her, all of her, I want it, I need it, I crave it. Christ, Blaze, where are you? His eyes clenched shut again, and he continued to fidget and touch his neck. It’s consuming me, but I need you, I need you, I want you so badly, I want to feel you, I want your heat, I want all of you…

He let out a harsh breath, coming from a closed throat; a hissing sound. I would rather this than wanting to kill, to destroy…I can’t tell if it’s subsiding or not. I feel tense and hot, and I know I’m trembling. I can feel tears behind my eyes, it is that desperate. Desperate, desperate, wanting. I want you.


Her image blinked in her mind for the thousandth time, and he let out a barely controlled, frantic growl.


He nods, more in musing than agreement. “It makes some things clear. Have you found any more information on your past?”

(… Yeah. I have.

A bit.

Quite a bit.

A lot.

… I still don’t know entirely who I am, though. Or what I was.)

"Troubling," he muttered. He’s gathered something, at any rate. But… “Are you disturbed by what you found?” The question has only concern, no malice. He looks to him with cloak showing more of his face than usual. What you were? Who and what are two different things, as you have already mentioned to me directly.

What I was…

Shadow slowly crosses his arms.


Blaze gently rubbed his temple, keeping his head in her hold. She didn’t mind the fact that he didn’t feel the energy to touch her back. She was supporting him, it wasn’t the other way around. And he needed help, that was for certain, help that she was willing to provide. I owe him, anyway.

“Of course,” she murmured. “I’m sorry I wasn’t earlier.” I cut down parent visits, but I can’t cut down missions I need to go on. “Do you want to sit down?” She gestured to a conveniently placed couch with one hand, keeping the other still on his face.

He nodded in agreement, and shuffled with her to the couch. Shadow leaned against her, still attempting to keep himself from slumping over. “Mmm, don’t worry about it,” he said, his eyes staring down at their feet. “You have your duties. I…I should be doing my own. They’ll be calling me soon…to ask where I have been.”

I can’t slip again, it’s too hard to get out…but do I have a choice? Besides, I am safe here. With someone who recognizes me, who doesn’t see me as a monster, who can tolerate this damned insanity better than even I can.

The black hedgehog’s head finally fell on her shoulder, the hood of his clock slipping fully down his face. He muttered in a low voice, the only words that could be heard being, “…no help…help…”

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She took a hold of his face in her hands, assisting him in the task of holding his head up. “I’ll help you with that.”

His eyes turn grateful, and he touches her hands gently, although not having the effort to keep them there. They slide off slowly and fall by his sides, but he keeps his eyes on her. “I…think I’m coming out of…my last cycle—”

(worthless hedgehog useless monster)

Shadow winced. “But…it’s not over.” Focus on her, focus on Blaze. She knows you’re not useless, she knows you’re not a monster. It’s not who I am. “I am so glad you are here.”

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Why? Do I need a reason?

Point is, I’m none too fond of that pessimistic attitude. With this alien thing, I guess you can’t help some of it, but you can fight it, can’t you?

Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure I know what you’re thinking. I don’t have to know you to know that you don’t want to be a “monster” or whatever. It’s pretty damn obvious, you know that, right? Boo hoo, it’s a struggle. So is just about, oh, life in general. And so is my afterlife. You’re going to come across struggles no matter what or who you are. The point isn’t to complain and whine — it’s to move on through them.

So let’s get away from being a sniveling self-deprecating monster-hybrid and go more toward being a level hogglesnog, yeah?

No, I don’t remember. And I’m not sitting around moping about it. I’m gathering clues and helping people along the way. Maybe you could learn from that.

"I have been fighting it,” he said in a clearer voice. It’s lifting, it’s lifting, thank God. “I have a hard time controlling my emotions when…when they shift.” That sounds like a cop-out, and you know it. But, there’s an unhinged insanity that comes with these shifts, from my body rejecting the blood. It’s unsettling.

…but he has a point. I let the moods take me over, when I should be focusing on my path and continuing to lead the field. With Blaze’s help, I can…no, I will.

"Your point is valid," Shadow acknowledged. "Some of my associates have been through many struggles, but they manage to keep their heads looking forward." Sonic comes to mind. With his parents lost in the siege, he’s adapted to doing the rescue missions without much fuss, even taking care of Silver and Tails.

"I should keep to my course as well."

His face shows confidence for the first time in the conversation, and he lifts his head enough so his face can be fully seen under the cloak. “And with your attitude, you should find the answers you need.”

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Blaze. "I feel…relatively stable," he said, taking a deep breath and forcing his head upward, meeting her eyes. "It still feels as if there is a weight on my shoulders." I wish you were around when I was in the darkest swing.

No matter, you are here now, and that is all that matters.